Theft, Shoplifting & Related Criminal Offences

Theft is a property offence. It falls into two categories: Theft Under $5000 and Theft Over $5000.  If convicted for Theft Under $5000, one can be sentenced up to two years in prison.  For Theft Over $5000, the potential sentence is up to ten years in prison. Baratz Law has extensive experience dealing with all levels of theft, from shoplifting to white-collar crime.   Professionals and business owners charged with theft risk incarceration and the loss of their professional license. These charges can also have devastating consequences on one’s life, such as the loss of employment, business and income.  No matter your occupation or whether this is a first time or a repeat offence, Mr. Baratz can assist you with your matter.  Call Avi Baratz today to schedule your free and confidential consultation.  

Did you know that many first time offenders for shoplifting will be offered a diversion to resolve their case? While the Criminal charge is usually stayed or completely withdrawn in these diverted cases, there could still be a record of the incident with the local police station. Contact Avi Baratz to schedule a free consultation to discuss your matter. Mr. Baratz has over 15 years of experience representing Accused charged with Theft or Shoplifting.

Frequently Asked Quetions

What Does Disclosure Mean In A Criminal Case?

Often, lawyers who routinely practice in the criminal courts take it for granted that clients understand what they mean when they use the word “disclosure”.  I am often humbled and brought down to earth when speaking to my clients and I use the term disclosure, when they ask me, “Sorry,

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What Does A Criminal Record Mean In Ontario?

The definition for what a criminal record is in Ontario can be vague, ambiguous and illusive.   However I take “criminal record” to mean a record of a criminal conviction in Canada. This means that one has been convicted of a criminal offence in Canada and now has a “criminal record”. 

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What Is A Conditional Discharge?

In its essence, a conditional discharge is not a criminal conviction.  It is not a criminal record in Ontario or elsewhere in Canada.  The issue of criminal records in Canada can however, be a tricky discussion.  There have been many cases, some more high profile than others of individuals who

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