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Facing Assault Charges? Our Assault Lawyer in Toronto Can Help You!

At its essence, assault is touching someone without their consent. To be found guilty of assault in Ontario, the Crown Attorney needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an assault occurred and that one had the intent to assault another. A simple push or shove is an assault. However, a person who accidentally bumped into another or pushed them by accident in everyday life at say a busy shopping mall, amusement park or in a lineup would not be guilty of assault – criminal intent would be lacking. Spitting on another person is an assault, even though it does not involve hitting another. Assaults occur in all sorts of contexts, which are too numerous to list, however, some common examples are domestic incidents between couples, disputes between strangers that escalate out of control, and bar fights. The sentencing for assault charges ranges from peace bonds and conditional discharges to jail. If you are charged or under investigation for Assault, please contact Avi Baratz an expert assault lawyer  to schedule a free confidential consultation.

Assault Lawyer in Toronto
A typical Bar Fight involving aggressive touching and grabbing can be an Assault

Avi Baratz has represented 100s of Accused Persons charged with Assault over the Past 18 years of his career. He has done so throughout the Province of Ontario – No courthouse is too far. Call 416-937-3777 to speak with Avi Baratz and schedule a free confidential consultation. Mr. Baratz is a member of Legal Aid Ontario and accepts Certificates for many criminal matters.

Assault Charges

See below for various Posts that are related to the area of Assault and that provide answers to questions you may be having about this topic. You can always contact Mr. Baratz, an assault lawyer in Toronto to discuss your matter or schedule a confidential consultation.

Assault Lawyer in Toronto

Avi Baratz accepts Legal Aid Certificates when representing parents in CAS cases. He has been defending multiple parents against the CAS for the past 17 years. Nothing is more rewarding for Mr. Baratz when he is involved in successfully reuniting children back with their parents. It is during these moments that the gravity and seriousness of these types of cases is clearest.

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