Sexual Assault and Related Criminal Offences

Sexual Assault is an assault of a sexual nature. In the Canadian criminal justice system, Sexual Assault charges are among the most serious an individual can face. If convicted, aside from jail time, a stigmatizing criminal record may follow the offender for the rest of his/her life.  Offenders are placed on a sexual offenders registry and face other intrusive conditions placed on them well after the conclusion of their case, such as no contact orders, DNA orders and orders restricting use of computers or the Internet.  In today’s heightened #metoo movement environment, it is important that an accused receive a fair trial and that the fundamental legal principle of the presumption of innocence prevail.   A sexual assault can be of varying degrees and while any sexual assault charge is extremely serious in nature, some (while serious) are less serious than others.   There also are many sexual related offences in the criminal code of Canada that are not defined explicitly as sexual assault such as: sexual interference, incest, child pornography, exposing oneself and indecent acts to name a few.   If you are under investigation for sexual assault or offences that are sexual in nature, speak to a criminal defence lawyer immediately.  Mr. Baratz’s initial advice is always to remain silent in the face of police questioning.  In these particular cases, it has been Mr. Baratz’s experience that the police will try to illicit as much information as possible from the Accused during an interview. Again, remember every person has the absolute right to remain silent during these interviews.    Contact Baratz Law today for a free confidential consultation if you are under investigation or charged with a criminal offence.