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Impaired and Drunk Driving Lawyer in Toronto for Driving Offences

Dangerous Driving, Highway Traffic Act & Related Motor Vehicle Offences

Avi Baratz defends individuals charged with many different types of driving offences, including dangerous driving as under the Criminal Code of Canada and provincial offences under the Highway Traffic Act, such as Speeding, Distracted Driving, Stunt Driving, Careless Driving, Failing to obey a sign, and failing to provide required documents like Ownership and Insurance (to name a few). Convictions for these types of offences affect one’s auto insurance and in some cases can have penal consequences. For example, even though convictions under the Highway Traffic Act are not defined as criminal charges, individuals can still be handed down a jail sentence. If the charges are serious enough or if the Prosecutor is dealing with repeat offenders, the Prosecutor could and does in many cases, seek jail. Rest assured however that jail is rare and only reserved for egregious offenders.
Dangerous Driving, Highway Traffic Act & Related Motor Vehicle Offences​

However, criminal charges such as dangerous driving (dangerous operation of a motor vehicle) can result in a permanent criminal record. At Baratz Law, no case is too little or too big. If you have been charged with dangerous driving under the criminal code of Canada or even a speeding ticket or other types of Highway Traffic Act offence and are not sure what to do, feel free to contact Baratz Law for a free confidential consultation. Mr. Baratz, a drunk driving lawyer in Toronto has defended numerous clients for driving offences in criminal courts throughout Ontario and also attends Highway Traffic court and does accept these types of cases with pleasure.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving is a criminal offence and an offender can be sentenced to real jail time; especially if someone was injured as a result. It is interesting to note that in some cases, a car can be defined as a weapon if it is allegedly used to strike, hit or harm another person.

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Dangerous Driving - Past Success

N.M. was a single mother who was charged with dangerous driving and assault with a weapon against numerous police officers. She had no criminal record. One day she was leaving the underground garage of her apartment building to avoid noise created by many police officers and a crowd of spectators who were outside her apartment building in regards to an unrelated incident. As she was leaving the underground garage and driving up the ramp, the police alleged that she was speeding towards them with her car and that she had clipped some officers with her car as they jumped out of the way (the car was the “weapon” as per the charging officers). After a highly contested trial N.M. was found not guilty and acquitted of all charges.
W.C. was charged with Assault Bodily harm and threatening death against two family members, J.T. and S.T., who were in the power washing business. W.C. was also charged with dangerous driving. On the day in question, W.C. was alleged to have engaged in a dispute with J.T. and S.T. over a parking spot. J.T. and S.T. who were washing graffiti off a private business establishment advised W.C. he could not park where he just did as they needed the space to complete the wash. An argument between the individuals ensued over whether in fact W.C. could park in the spot. It was alleged that W.C. had shoved and threatened J.T. and then while abruptly leaving the scene reversed into S.T. (thus the allegation of driving in a dangerous manner). Mr. Baratz had convinced the Crown to withdraw all charges against W.C.