Domestic Assault

A domestic assault is as an assault that occurs between those who are in a relationship with one another. For example, partners who are either current or former spouses, common-law partners or dating partners.  Cases within families are also regarded as domestic assaults, such as siblings and parent/child relationship. Where an assault occurs between these two people (in some cases more than two), then the matter is categorized as a domestic or domestic assault.  Prosecutors in Ontario deal with domestic assaults differently than other types of assault charges. Domestic assault charges are taken very seriously.  Unfortunately there have been a few high profile newsworthy domestic violence cases that have arisen lately.  The Criminal Code of Canada instructs judges and prosecutors to treat domestic violence offenders more severely.   In many cases, domestic assault charges and domestic violence are actually tied to family law disputes and family conflict. Many times, the accused will suggest that his/her spouse fabricated the assault charges. Nevertheless, given the high profile nature of domestic assault charges, the police in Ontario are usually quick to arrest and let the criminal courts sort it all out later. Having said this, many cases of domestic assault are on the low spectrum of assaults and often lead to favourable outcomes for the offender if he/she cooperates and takes on counselling, a parenting program or anger management classes. Every courthouse in Ontario usually has different ways of dealing with domestic assault in terms of the programs and resolutions offered. However, in almost cases, some type of PARS program (partner assault response courses) is usually the go to counselling program that Judges and Crown Attorneys want to see an accused complete. If you are charged with domestic assault in Brampton or the Greater Toronto area, please contact Baratz Law for a  free confidential consultation.