Prescription Medication And DUIs – Hire a DUI Lawyer

If you are prescribed medication you should always read the warnings labels and/or speak to your medical practitioner before you operate a motor vehicle as the medication could impair you. Even if the medication is prescribed you could still be charged and found guilty of impaired driving if the medication impaired your driving. Just because medication is legally prescribed does not mean that you are allowed to drive a vehicle while on the medication.

Also, some medications can react differently with other substances. For example, if you had only one alcoholic drink thinking you were okay to drive but were on other medications at the time, the alcohol may interact negatively with the other medication and cause you to be impaired. This could create a cocktail of substances effect in your system. You should speak to your doctor to find out exactly what the side effects of the medication are and how the medication may interact with say, alcohol for example.

While every case is unique, you may have a defence in law if you took proper steps and due diligence to ensure that the medication would not impair your driving yet were charged with impaired driving. If you find yourself charged with impaired driving by drug, call my office at 416-937-3777 or email at, criminal defence lawyer, to schedule a free consultation.

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