Toronto Family Lawyer

There are numerous family courthouses throughout the city of Toronto.  There are two Ontario Court of Justice courthouses that deal with custody, access, support and child protection (CAS cases) matters.  These courthouses are located at 47 Sheppard Ave. East and 311 Jarvis Street.  The Superior court of Justice which is the court that handles all matters that pertain to divorce and property is located at 393 University Ave.  Mr. Baratz attends the Ontario Courts of Justice on a regular basis and is familiar with the Judges that preside over matters there.   Contact Baratz Law to schedule a free confidential consultation.  

Toronto Family Courthouse Locations

Ontario Court of Justice  –  47 Sheppard Ave. East, Toronto, Ontario 

Ontario Court of Justice – 311 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario 

Superior Court of Justice – 393 University Ave., Toronto, Ontario 

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