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Personal Injury Lawyer in Brampton

Avi Baratz is pleased to announce that he is accepting cases in personal injury related matters where individuals have been hurt in relation to an accident or unfortunate incident. Mr. Baratz is accepting personal injury cases throughout Brampton, the Greater Toronto area and Southern Ontario. Personal Injury law ultimately deals with suing individuals or corporations for monetary compensation. It is well known that an accident victim in many cases can never be brought back to where they were, how they felt and who they were, before their injury occurred. The only way to make them whole again is by way of monetary compensation. Unfortunately even monetary compensation in some cases is not enough, especially when there is loss of life. Ontario Courts and judgments take into consideration the need to compensate, but also look to the need to provide long term assistance the injured person may require throughout their life, for example permanent house keeping or mobility devices such as motorized scooters, wheel chairs, etc. Loved ones and family members of victims can also sue for monetary damages for lose of guidance, care and companionship. At Baratz Law, personal injury cases are taken on a no fee contingency basis. You do not pay a dime unless Baratz wins your case and you receive a financial settlement.

Avi Baratz has been a licensed practicing lawyer in the province of Ontario for the past 16 years. He has physically attended and advocated in many courtrooms in various courthouses in Southern Ontario. Mr. Baratz has the skills and enthusiasm to fight for your rights against lofty insurance companies and large corporations who may be refusing to deal with you in a fair and just manner. Call today to schedule a free confidential consultation.

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