Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Every day, we place a tremendous level of trust and accountability on our medical and health care professionals.  We place our lives in their hands.  Despite this high level of trust, mistakes and acts of negligence do occur. These events can be devastating and leave patients with life altering conditions affecting them and their families in profound ways.    A common thread in most medical malpractice lawsuits is negligence – failure to act with the reasonable care expected of a medical professional. Your doctor may very well be highly skilled and trusted, however, he or she is only human – mistakes happen.   The medical and health care landscape provides for many fields and areas of speciality, such as pharmacological, ophthalmology, dentistry, pediatrics, ear nose and throat, plastic surgery, immunologist, physiotherapist, lab technicians, to name a few.   Mistakes happen in every facet and area of health care.    


Some of the most common medical malpractice areas are the following;


Birth Injuries/Obstetric Malpractice

Laser Eye injuries

Cosmetic procedure negligence

Pre-natal testing errors (wrongful birth)

Cerebral Palsy

Misdiagnosis, Failure to Re-diagnose or Delayed Diagnosis

Medication/Anesthesia Errors

Surgical Errors

Prescription Errors

Negligent Care

Substandard Care

Wrongful death


Sustaining a serious personal injury can be a life changing event. It is vital that you get the compensation that you deserve.  If you believe you have suffered a loss due to the negligence of a medical and health care professional or institution, call Baratz Law today for a  free consultation.   Generally you have one year from the time you discovered the injury to commence a claim against a medical practitioner.  At Baratz Law, all our personal injury cases are dealt with on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay anything and we don’t collect any fees unless we win or obtain a favourable settlement for you!   


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