Fire Loss and Insurance Claims

Insurance Loss Lawyer Ontario Homeowners gladly pay insurance premiums every year, thinking they are insured in case of an accident or fire to their home.  They pay for this protection.  However, all too often unfortunately, after a fire to their home, homeowners realize that their insurance company is not their friend.  The insurance companies will want receipts for every minor item you are claiming and try to salvage and be as frugal as possible when it comes to paying you for damages.  For example, if you had a fire in your home and your clothes smelled like smoke, instead of buying you new clothes the insurance company may try to have your clothes dry cleaned.  The result is usually that they would be returning clothes to you that just don’t feel and smell right anymore.  This is true even for those who pay “premium” insurance thinking they are covered all the way and for everything.  The insurance company will do all it can to save money and make your life difficult in the hopes that you will settle for less.  For example, they may deny part or all of your claim due to misrepresentation on the original application, claims of arson, or failing to notify them of any recent renovations completed.    Unfortunately, in many cases, it usually takes the launching of a civil law suit to get the insurance company to the bargaining table and get you the claim you deserve.  In  a recent court case, it was held that insurers owe a duty of good faith in handling all claims fairly; failing which, large punitive damages (which are difficult to obtain) could be ordered.  


If you have suffered a fire loss contact Baratz Law today for a free consultation.  At Baratz Law, all our personal injury cases are dealt with on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay anything and we don’t collect any fees unless we win or obtain a favourable settlement for you!  

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