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What Is Considered To Be A Simple Divorce In Ontario?

Okay, so let me start off by telling you exactly what I mean by the words “SIMPLE DIVORCE”.   Before I do that however, as any lawyer will tell you, rarely is anything “simple” in law.  However, many simple divorces are indeed fairly simple to complete from a lawyer’s point of view.  So to qualify for what I deem to be a simple divorce, the following conditions usually must all apply:  1.  The parties are both residents in Ontario and have been separated for close to a year if not a year.  2.  The parties have no children.  3.  The parties do not own any residential property together.  4.  The parties are not reliant on the other for income and are not claiming spousal support.  5.  Any joint assets the parties own have already been divided up to each parties’ satisfaction.  6.  The marriage took place in Ontario and there is a physical Ontario marriage certificate.  7.  The parties have not changed their names.  7.  The parties were not married before.   8.  There are no religious marriages that need to be resolved before the divorce.  9.  Both spouses are content with divorce and will not try to delay the procedure.  So, assuming more or less that a client presents him/herself at my office in Brampton, Ontario with the above criteria, more or less, it is highly likely that I would say that I am dealing with a “simple divorce”.  In such a case, the drafting, filing and processing of such a divorce is most likely going to be smooth, quick and relatively inexpensive.  Keep in mind that just because one of these above criteria may not be present or somewhat different than as described, does not mean your divorce is not a simple one.  Call Baratz Law at 905-789-9007 or email me at today for a free consultation to see if your martial breakdown can be resolved in a simple manner such as simple divorce.

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