What Happens When My Ex Is Not Paying Court Ordered Child Support?

I am often asked by clients how they can collect child support from their ex partner and parent of their child.  This assumes there is already an order for child support made in their favour.  Let’s also assume that such an order was made enforceable by the FRO (Family Responsibility Office).   Unfortunately, just because there is an order made for child support and just because the FRO is assisting in its enforcement, does not guarantee that you will get paid.  If the payor of support is avoiding to pay, it may become very difficult to collect, regardless of the amount owing.  FRO is there to simply help you collect, but if they don’t collect any money, then you don’t get paid.  No one else will get you the support money you need so you should consider alternative means of acquiring support such as friends and other family members who may be able to help you in the meantime.  Eventually the FRO can suspend the support payer’s drivers license and even their Canadian Passport, but if they don’t drive (or care to drive or drive illegally) and if they have another valid passport from another country – these measures may do nothing to deter the payor and get you the money you need.  All this after a very long drawn out process and in the mean time, the recipient has not paid a dime in support.  This can be very frustrating and cost more in unnecessary legal fees (which funds should be going to your child(ren)).  Eventually, a contempt order can be brought against the payor and jail time can be sought which may add the pressure on the support payor.  Also, if the support payor is working, his/her fees can be garnished.  There are a range of options to try to enforce child support and apply pressure to the support payor.  If you find yourself in such a situation please call Baratz Law today at 905-789-9007 or email at avi@baratzlaw.com for your initial consultation.  You can also visit us at http://www.baratzlaw.com/

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