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I Want A Divorce But My Partner Does Not Want To Cooperate, Can I Still Get A Divorce?

In order to obtain a divorce the married couple has to be separated from each other for one year. The couple can live together for no more than 90 days during this one year period (in the hopes of reconciling the relationship). As long as the married couple has been separated from each other for one year, then a divorce will be granted, regardless of whether one side is not cooperating and/or does not want a divorce. In this regard, divorce can be done unilaterally without the approval of the other side (assuming a separation of at least 1 year). Other grounds for divorce include showing that your husband or wife has had a sexual relationship with another person during the marriage, or that your husband or wife has been physically or mentally cruel to you. As a result, even if your husband or wife does not want a divorce, a divorce can and will still be granted.

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