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Why Would An Ontario Court In Brampton Order Supervised Access For Me And Does That Mean I Am A Bad Parent?

Note this answer does not pertain to a child protection case but rather a custody/access dispute:  There are many reasons why a court would order supervised access to your child.  If so ordered, the access would usually take place at either an access centre or in the community with an approved supervisor.  Reasons why supervised access would be ordered could include allegations of drug or alcohol use, cognitive impairments of the access parent or anger management issues to name a few.  Also in some cases when there has been a large gap between the last time the access parent saw the child, supervised access could be ordered to ensure things are progressing well – baby steps are taken.  Supervised access usually is not a long term arrangement and there could be a very important legal advantage for the access parent to have it in place.  For example, in many cases, parents question why they should undergo supervise access since they believe they are a star parent.  No one wants to think of him/herself as a parent who needs to be supervised.  But some advantages include the fact that supervised access if at an access centre is documented.  A record would be created that would demonstrate that the parent is attending access and showing up on time.  Also documented would be how the access is progressing.  Another benefit would be to demonstrate if the custodial parent is bringing the child(ren) on time or at all – there would be records of this that could later be used in court.  In many cases there are allegations that one parent who has primary residence of a child(ren) is not allowing the other parent to see the child(ren) or not adhering to the access schedule.  With supervised access at a centre, all of these claims will be backed up by documentary evidence as notes are taken by supervisors at each visit.  So supervised access I would suggest is not a bad thing for parents, depending on the case.  It is usually temporary and helps move a family case along if there is a standstill in the beginning.   If you are going through a custody or access and would like to speak to a family lawyer in Ontario, then call Avi Baratz at 905-789-9007 or email at

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