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When a married couple has been separated and apart for 1 year either side can apply for a divorce. This process can be started earlier than the 1 year waiting period, but a divorce cannot be granted until the parties have been separated for at least 1 year. Couples who separate can arrange their affairs with the creation of either a temporary or final separation agreement. This is ideal as separation agreements save money, stress and time (the consequences of litigation). They can be filed with a court of law in Ontario.


When parties do not have any children, support, or property issues, or, if those matters have already been dealt with pursuant to a separation agreement, then an uncontested divorce can be pursued. Regardless of whether children are involved or not, divorce is one of the messiest and most emotional areas of law and it is highly recommended to consult with counsel should you find yourself in a marital breakdown heading toward divorce.

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If a married couple has been living together for some time, has children together, and owns a property, also known as a matrimonial property, then the matter could become very messy, stressful, and costly. It is always better if divorce matters such as these can be settled amicably. However, if a settlement is not possible, then Avi Baratz will not hesitate to represent his clients to the best of his abilities and take advantage of every aspect of the law in order to achieve a successful outcome for his client.
Avi Baratz has over 18 years of experience in the area of Divorce Law. Contact Avi, the best divorce lawyer today to schedule a confidential consultation in Toronto.

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