What Type Of Cases Involve Children’s Aid Society In Toronto Or Elsewhere In Ontario?

Client’s often come to see me who are involved in a children’s aid society case in Toronto or elsewhere in Ontario.  In some of these cases my clients are facing an underlying criminal charge of some type of assault against a domestic partner or worse, their child.   The clients will often think that once the underlying criminal charge has been withdrawn or dealt with favourably, that their Children’s Aid Society case will go away.   However, nothing could be further than the truth.  While resolving a criminal charge obviously helps the Children’s Aid Society case, it does not mean that the case is over.  The burden of proof in a criminal court is much higher than a family court and just because you may have won or been in exonerated in criminal court does not mean that you are innocent or that the underlying offence or activity (i.e., the assault) did not occur for family law purposes.   The client will still need to cooperate and likely demonstrate that s/he has complied with counselling or other recommendations placed upon them by the Children’s Aid Society before their case can officially be over.  At the same time, there are limits to how far the Children’s Aid Society can go.  If you are facing a similar issue and the Children’s Aid Society is not backing down and think you are guilty when in fact you won your criminal case and are complying with the Children’s Aid, then feel free to give Baratz Law a call at 905-789-9007 or email us at avi@baratzlaw.com.

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