I Want To Drop The Charges Against The Person I Called The Police On, How Do I Do This?

As an alleged victim, you can try to talk to the Crown Attorney and/or the police advising them why you want to drop a charge. However, feeling sorry for the alleged Offender, loving them, and/or needing him/her back home is usually not enough to warrant the police or Crown to drop the charge. There has to be something more.

You should retain your own private counsel for Independent Legal Advice (ILA) as soon as possible, so that your lawyer can contact the Accused’s lawyer and/or the Crown Attorney. These matters can be tricky as it is likely that the Accused has a no-contact bail condition with you and should you attempt to contact the Accused knowing this condition, then you are technically aiding a breach (or causing one to occur), which is a criminal offence, so get a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid these dangers. 

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