I Am Guilty Of The Crime I Was Charged With So Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

In Criminal Law one can have physically committed the act they are alleged to have committed but still, technically under the law be found not guilty of committing that offence. It is the Crown Attorney who must prove the case against you, beyond a reasonable doubt. If the Crown cannot meet its high burden of proof, even if you have indeed committed the acts underlying the offence or part of the acts that makes up the offence, you will be found not guilty.

As an accused, it is your right to remain silent throughout the proceeding against you and have the Crown make its case against you. One is always presumed innocent until proven guilty.  This is known as the presumption of innocence. A lawyer will be able to advise you on your rights and the strength of the Crown’s case against you, including possible defences that you may not have been aware of. You may have made a statement to the police, confessing to the offence, but a lawyer may be able to have that evidence excluded based upon the legal rules of evidence.  Also, studies have time and time again shown that some confessions have led to wrongful convictions when they were made under duress, or under extreme circumstances (such as where an accused was sleep deprived or not provided food and water). In such cases, years later (and after spending years in prison), in some cases the offenders were exonerated through DNA evidence! 

Also, despite a strong case against you, there can be reasons why your case may not be tried, such as absent witnesses or a heavy court docket. Should you nevertheless decide to plead guilty, a defence lawyer will be able to negotiate a fair and reasonable resolution to your matter that you may not have thought possible. Your lawyer may also be able to negotiate to have some of the charges against you withdrawn in consideration of a guilty plea to other offences. Pleading guilty also does not mean that you will automatically be facing a criminal record.  Our criminal justice system has plenty of room for compassion and opportunity for second chances for first time offenders involved in minor crimes and momentary lapses of proper judgment. For all these reasons and many more, it is your right to have a lawyer help you through this difficult time you are facing, even if you think you are guilty. Like a sick patient seeing a Doctor to get healthier, I highly recommend that you seek professional counsel immediately to help you through this difficult time in your life.  Baratz Law helps good people through difficult times.

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