Child Support

An Access parent usually has to pay the parent with custody money to help cover the costs of taking care of the children. This payment is called child support.  The amount of child support to be paid in Ontario is set out under the Child Support Guidelines and is based on the income of the person who does not have primary residence of the children. In rare cases, a court can award less than the guideline amount where paying the amount would cause undue hardship to the payer. The person paying support must provide yearly updated financial information to the support recipient. All or part of expenses for extra-curricular activities, also known as “special expenses” may also have to paid in addition to child support. Child support usually is payable until the child reaches 18 years of age. Should the child continue to post-secondary education, the payer could continue to be responsible to pay support well into the child’s 20s. If a child has a disability, support could be payable indefinitely.

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