If you do not have custody of your children, you have a right to spend time with them (subject to any concerns raised against you). Typically, an access parent sees the child overnight every other weekend and one evening a week during the week. It is also typical for the access parent to have telephone access and other important holidays (i.e., Father’s day, birthdays, holidays, etc.). An access parent also typically has access to the child 2-3 weeks during the summer. Access parents also have the right to receive information about the child’s health, education and general situation. In cases where a court believes that there are safety concerns regarding a parent’s access, supervised access may be ordered. In such a case, a parent will visit with their child at an access centre under full or partial supervision. In such cases, the hope is for the parent to do well and “prove themselves” during access visits (which are documented in most cases) and for the access to eventually become unsupervised. Other forms of supervision can be in the community with a 3rd party supervisor that everyone agrees to.

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